Home alone

Your own Detroit – Personal (6 x 6 inch), fries & drink


Detroit Duo

Detroit – (8 x 10 inch), Detroit garlic bread, fries & 2 drinks


Netflix and cheese

2 medium pizzas, wedges, cheesecake & large drink


Honey, i fed the kids

Any large pizza, wedges, boneless wings & garlic bread


Squad up

2 large pizzas, garlic bread, wings or jalapeno bites & large drink


Viva la pizza

Any 4 large pizzas, 4 sides & large drink


Keepin' it Simple

Our original cheese and tomato pizza with even more cheese!


The Hawaiian

Turkey ham and juicy chunks of succulent pineapple


Ez does it

Pepperoni, onions and jalapeno peppers for that added kick



Our original cheese and tomato pizza in our special naga sauce


Dude where's my veg?

Onions, mixed peppers, sweetcorn, mushrooms & tomatoes


Veggie inferno

Aubergine, jalapeƱo peppers, mixedp eppers, onions & green chillies


Greek goodness

Feta cheese, red onions, fresh tomato, black olive & fresh basil


BBQ smokehouse

Succulent chunks of chicken & onions, drizzled with our house bbq sauce


Chick' mango

Mango habanero chicken, pineapple, onions, peppers & drizzled in mango habanero sauce


Burger town

Spicy ground beef with fresh tomatoes, onions, sliced gherkins & drizzled with our special burger sauce


Naga town

Spicy beef with fresh tomatoes, onions, gherkins, burger sauce and a touch of naga


More roni

Double pepperoni & extra mozzarella cheese


Tandoori fusion

Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, onions, mushrooms, mixed peppers & green chillies


Meaty mania

Pepperoni, turkey ham, ground beef, sausage, salami, onions, mushrooms & mozzarella cheese


New York

Deep pan pizza loaded with cheese and toppings



Cracker-thin crust and base, loaded with toppings



A rectangular thick, crispy & chewy crust topped with extra cheese – comes with fries and a drink


Five Wings

Choose your type and one flavour


Ten Wings

Choose your type and two flavours



Crispy fries cooked to golden perfection


Curly fries

Curly fries cooked to golden perfection, perfect for dipping



Crispy hand-cut potato wedges


Garlic bread

Perfectly baked garlic bread, perfect for sharing


Jalpeno bites

Crispy pieces of jalapenos covered in breadcrumbs and filled with cheese


Pizza samosas

Deep-fried samosas filled with tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese


Loaded fries

Crispy fries generously layered with your topping, melted cheese & zesty jalapenos


Detroit garlic bread

Thick, deep-dish garlic bread – made for sharing


Pacha Apple (330ml)


Pacha Lychee (330ml)


Pacha Melon (330ml)


Pacha Mojito (330ml)


Pacha Peach (330ml)


Pacha Strawberry (330ml)


Rio Tropical (330ml)


Rubicon Guava (330ml)


Rubicon Lychee (330ml)


Rubicon Mango (330ml)


Tango Apple (330ml)


Tango Dark Berry (330ml)


Tango Mango (330ml)


Water (500ml)




Ice cream tub